Writing with a Prompt: Tracks

15 Jan

What Do Tracks Mean to you?Tracks remind me of multiple different things. The first thing that comes to mind is obviously train tracks. I cross them almost everyday while driving, and they are very hard to avoid in a small town. The next thing that comes to mind is snow tracks. Whether it be footprint tracks from walking through the snow, or ski tracks, or even snowmobile tracks, when there is snow on the ground, tracks are always left behind. My favorite thing to think of when i think of tracks is the ice cream Moose Tracks. Ever since I was little I’ve been a huge fan of them. Peanut butter cups were always my favorite candy, and moosetracks has little peanut butter cups in them. I also think of the movie Harry Potter. Before they can reach Hogwarts they must go to a train station and board a train to take all the way to school. In the first movie, they are on the train for a good amount of time in the beginning of the movie. You can also think of tracks like a CD. Each song on a CD is called a track. Tracks also remind me of the movie Stand By Me. The little boys go and play by train tracks. When looking down a set of train tracks, it seems like they go on forever, and can take you to any place you could ever want to go. When I think of tracks, I think of all the different places I could possibly end up if I just hopped on a train one day and rode for hours until I decided it was the end of my journey. You really can get to pretty much any place in the U.S. by riding a train and being on tracks. The next thing that comes to mind is Christmas. When my brother and I were younger we had a train set that we would set up around the christmas tree. You first had to assemble the tracks, and then once you were done with that, you could get the train going. It was always an exciting time for my brother and I because once we put the train together, we knew that it was almost time for Santa. Tracks also remind me of my trips to Chicago. Sometimes instead of driving and having to find a place to park in the city, we will take the train downtown for the day. It’s always a fun adventure and you meet some very interesting people on the train. Tracks, such a simple word, can bring about so many different thoughts and memories.


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