Week 1: Me: A self-portrait in so many words

15 Jan

What are things you take for granted in your life, that are givens, that are undeniably true?

1. My Parents

Why: They are two of the most important people in my life. They have always supported me in everything I do.

Consequence: I make sure to maintain a good relationship with both of them and talk to them as often as possible.

2. My Grandparents

Why: They are the most supportive people in my life behind my parents. I am lucky to have 3 of the 4 still around, because many people don’t have any.

Consequence: They could be taken from me at any point and I tend to keep that in mind and talk to them often.

3. My Life

Why: It could be taken from me at any time.

Consequence: I am lucky to wake up healthy each and everyday.

4. Money

Why: Whenever I need or want it for something it is there for me.

Consequence: I spend way too much money and feel bad when asking my parents for more because of all they have done for me.

5. Clean Water

Why: We can find it pretty much anywhere around us. We are very fortunate to have it readily available to us.

Consequence: It is a necessity for life.

6. My Car

Why: I am able to transport myself anywhere I want at anytime I want, that is in reasonable driving distance.

Consequence: I don’t like relying on others to get to places I want to go.

7. Having my own room

Why: I have privacy at anytime I want it. I am fortunate to only have one sibling because I have never had to share a room unlike many other families.

Consequence: Difficulty sharing space with other people.

8. Education

Why: I learn many things I wouldn’t normally learn on my own.

Consequence: In order to be successful and make it in the real world, education is a necessity.

9. Food

Why: It is so normal and readily available and seems like something every person would have access to.

Consequence: Taking food for granted when what you’re eating could possibly be the last thing you eat.

10. Pets

Why: When nobody else is around they’re there to keep you company.

Consequence: You love and treat it like you would a family member or another human being.

11. Friends

Why: Always there for me when I need them and are always down to have a good time. You could lose them in the blink of an eye.

Consequence: I keep them close and talk to them often.

12. TV

Why: It keeps me busy when I am just laying in bed or when I have nothing else to do.

Consequence: I need to find other things to do instead of watching TV, like being productive in some way.

13. Internet

Why: I look to the internet to find out an answer to anything I need to find out. Also used for entertainment purposes such as keeping up on TV shows or communicating with people.

Consequence: Too reliable on the internet. Look for other ways to entertain yourself.

14. Clothes

Why: In the world we live in, clothes are a necessity, and without them, there is not much you could do. They also keep you warm when its cold out.

Consequence: You can’t go out in public naked.

15. Cell Phone

Why: I use it for everything these days, especially with all of the new apps that have recently come out.

Consequence: I am too reliant on my phone and often feel lost when I don’t have it with me.

16. Electricity

Why: Without light, it would be hard to see what you’re doing.

Consequence: Electricity is needed for survival.

17. My brother

Why: He is one person I can count on no matter what.

Consequence: I make sure to stay in contact with him every single day.

18. Heat

Why: I find it necessary to live. Living in Michigan, cold months are unbearable and I hate being cold.

Consequence: It would be hard to live without it.

19. Music

Why: We listen to music like its no big deal without thinking about how much work each artist put into their songs.

Consequence: Learn to appreciate music more than you already do.

20. Freedom

Why: We live in a time and place where freedom is natural and we don’t realize how many people didn’t/don’t live the free life like we do.

Consequence: Learn to appreciate everything that you are entitled to do.

What are your strengths

1. Friendly

Why: Helped me in meeting some of my best friends as well as many others who could be important in my life in the long run.

Consequence: It has been a great asset in my life for being successful and getting along well with others.

2. Humorous

Why: It’s one of the characteristics that really defines me.

Consequences: It helps me to remain positive about stressful situations.

3. Talkative

Why: I have always been talkative and it’s both helped and hurt me.

Consequence: Easy for me to talk to any person in any situation.

4. Trustworthy

Why: I keep my word and when people trust me not to say or do something, I don’t do that.

Consequence: People trust me with important and personal information as well as getting the job done.

5. Forgiving

Why: I don’t like to hold grudges. I don’t find it worth wasting the energy to dislike a person for stupid reasons.

Consequence: It’s easy for me to mend friendships and make up with people, whether it be right away or a little bit down the road.

6. Intelligent

Why: It helps me to solve problems I may have, as well as having good, intelligent conversations with people.

Consequence: Being intelligent helps me get good grades as well as jobs and positions of importance because people realize that I’m not an idiot.

7. Respectful

Why: Without respecting others or yourself, people won’t respect you, and many people probably won’t like you either. Being rude doesn’t get you anywhere in life.

Consequence: Others give me the same respect that I show them.

8. Optimistic

Why: Being positive can make any situation seem better, and many times can and will lead to better outcomes.

Consequence: Living a better, more positive life. More people will appreciate being around you.

9. Athletic

Why: Being athletic is fun, and it helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle by staying active.

Consequence: By staying active, you will feel better about yourself.

10. Reading

Why: By reading an interesting, engaging book, you can easily get your mind off of negative things, or just keep yourself busy.

Consequence: Keeps you from doing other unproductive things, and also is an educational way to stay busy.

11. Public Speaking

Why: It is easy for me to talk in front of a big crowd of people, whether it be people I know well or complete strangers.

Consequence: It will be very helpful when I’m out in the real world with a real job, because there are many different occasions where public speaking is necessary.

12. Responsible

Why: People know that they can rely on me and that what they ask me to do for them will get done.

Consequences: Easy to make good, lasting friendships.

13. Independent

Why: It is easier to rely on yourself to get things done, rather than relying on others. Being independent also helps when you’re out living alone. If you can’t do anything by yourself, you will come across some problems.

Consequence: If you can’t help yourself, who can?

14. Reliable

Why: If I say I will do something, you can count on me to do it.

Consequences: People want to be friends with and hire those who are reliable.

15. Outgoing

Why: Being outgoing makes it easy to make new friends and meet many new people. Being shy makes life a little harder and stressful, because it is harder to meet people.

Consequence: Many people interested in talking to you.

16. Math

Why: It is one subject that has always come easy to me.

Consequence: Success. Math is used everyday in some way or another.

17. Hard Worker

Why: Being lazy won’t get you anywhere in life. Hard work always pays off and if you persevere at what you’re doing, you will be successful.

Consequence: Getting a job, or any position you may be looking for. People don’t like those who are lazy.

18. Family-oriented

Why: I have always grown up learning that family is the most important thing in a person’s life and I have found this to be true. When nobody else is there my family always is.

Consequence: By caring about my family, I know that because I always have their back, they will always have mine. It will also make having a family of my own in the future much more enjoyable.

19. Happy

Why: There is no need to go through life being unhappy. It just makes every situation more miserable, as well as putting a damper on the mood of the people surrounding you.

Consequence: You can easily brighten someone else’s day, and many people will want to be friends with you and be around you.

20. Open-minded

Why: There is no need to judge something before you know anything about it.

Consequence: Meeting many new interesting people who you may not have thought you would ever be friends with.

What are your weaknesses

1. Patience

Why: I don’t like when I’m ready to go before my family or friends are and I have to wait for them.

Consequence: I get easily annoyed with people who take too long. People may get mad at me for it.

2. Procrastination

Why: I don’t find it necessary to start a project until I know its crunch time and I need to get it done.

Consequence: I leave a lot of work for myself and the project ends up taking longer than it would if I would have started it earlier.

3. Short-fuse

Why: Things get on my nerves easily and I get mad easily.

Consequence: By getting mad, it makes others around me mad as well.

4. Annoyed Easily

Why: Small things get me very annoyed and once one thing sets me off, I get annoyed of almost everything and everyone around me.

Consequence: Others may get annoyed of me just as easily. People may not want to be around me when I’m in one of those moods.

5. Eating Habits

Why: I love junk food and everything else that’s not healthy for you.

Consequence: Bad eating habits make your body more unhealthy.

6. Having no filter

Why: I don’t think before I speak and say exactly what’s on my mind.

Consequence: Gets me in trouble and makes other people mad or offended.

7. Not saying what’s on my mind when I should

Why: I like to keep things bottled up inside instead of letting people know how I actually feel.

Consequence: Things end up going the opposite way of what I would like them to go.

8. Concentration

Why: I get very easily distracted by my surroundings and instead of paying attention to things I may not be interested, I tend to focus on things that are more interesting and exciting to me.

Consequence: I don’t pay attention in class, which leads to being lost and maybe getting bad grades.

9. Messy

Why: Instead of putting clothes and other things away when I am done using them I throw them on the floor because I’m in a rush, or just don’t have time to put them away right at that second.

Consequence: It all adds up and instead of the small mess I made one day, it all accumulates into one huge pile and ends up taking me longer to clean up than it would have if I just put it way right when I was done with it.

10. Getting bored easily

Why: Many things don’t keep my interest and if I’m not watching something or talking to someone enjoyable, I have a hard time not getting bored.

Consequence: Always looking for something more entertaining to do and many times I hate being alone because I am bored.

11. Love to argue

Why: I have always been one to argue since I was little. Once you get me on a subject that I am passionate about or know a lot about, once I begin to argue, I don’t like to stop until I win or prove I am right

Consequence: Many people may not want to express their opinions to me because they know I will just want to argue back and they may not want to get into an argument, so they just wont talk to me.

12. Anger

Why: I get mad at stupid things very easy.

Consequence: Loss of friends or others around me getting mad at me.

13. Art

Why: I have never been very artistic. Ever since kindergarten my art abilities have been far behind other students around me.

Consequence: Not artistic.

14. Music

Why: I have never learned to play an instrument and I can’t sing.

Consequence: Not being musically talented.

15. Science

Why: Not one of my strongest subjects throughout school.

Consequence: Can’t go into any job in the science field without working myself into the ground to learn the material.

16. Fast Eater

Why: When i enjoy my food I eat it very quickly and I don’t realize how much I am eating in a short period of time.

Consequence: I am uncomfortably full by the end of the meal.

17. Lazy

Why: I’d rather lounge around and be comfortable than do anything productive.

Consequence: Many important things don’t get done when they should.

18. Sleep too much

Why: I love sleeping.

Consequence: I get too much sleep and become more tired because of too much sleep.

19. Eating when I’m bored

Why: When there is nothing else to do and their is food around I just eat it.

Consequence: Becoming too full or snacking too much, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle.

20. Indecisive

Why: I don’t like to be the one that makes a decision that affects a whole group of people.

Consequence: Not being able to make important decisions.

What are your fears

1. Dying

Why: I never know when my last breath could be.

Consequence: Living in Fear

2. Losing someone close to me

Why: Those who are close to me are the most important people in my life.

Consequence: Not having that person around anymore.

3. Not getting married

Why: Who doesn’t want to get married?

Consequence: Living a lonely life with no family of your own.

4. Getting kidnapped or robbed

Why: It’s always been a big fear of mine since I was younger. Strange people have always been a fear of mine.

Consequence: Constantly being in fear when I’m home alone or outside in the dark alone.

5. Not being successful

Why: I’ve lived a great life so far and have gotten almost anything I’ve ever wanted, and not having that luxury scares me.

Consequence: Living an unhappy life.

6. Not living a happy life

Why: Who wants to live an unhappy life?

Consequence: Being unhappy.

7. Commitment

Why: Any situation, especially relationships, I don’t like to committing to something permanently. I think that this is partially due to the divorce of my parents, because I don’t want that to happen to me.

Consequence: Not wanting commitment tends to push people away.

8. Spider

Why: They’re gross and scary and they bite.

Consequence: Everytime I see one it puts a damper on my mood at the time.

9. Snakes

Why: Many of them are poisonous and can kill you if they bite you.

Consequence: Being afraid to be anywhere near them.

10. Getting pregnant before I’m ready

Why: Not that having a baby is a bad or negative thing, but if you get pregnant before you are ready or before you want to, it could end up ruining both your life and the child’s because you probably won’t give it the proper attention and care that it needs, because you are more worried about your life and how it has negatively impacted you.

Consequence: You have a baby before you’re ready. It may make you unhappy.

11. Having girls instead of boys when I have kids

Why: I have always been a tomboy and hung out with the boys, and I have always wanted boys instead of girls. I think that it would be more fun and satisfying for me.

Consequence: Being unhappy for a split second when I have a girl instead of a boy.

12. Claustrophobic

Why: Small spaces and people being on top of me, making it hard for me to breathe freaks me out.

Consequence: Hard for me to be in small areas full of a lot of people.

13. Failing at school

Why: I go to school so that I can be successful and get a job when I graduate and have an education. If I fail, finding a job may be difficult.

Consequence: Not being successful.

14. Getting Divorced

Why: My parents got divorced when I was in middle school and I don’t want that to happen to me.

Consequence: Living your life alone if you don’t find someone new you would be interested in spending the rest of your life with.

15. Bad Health

Why: Not living the longest, happiest life you can because you are ill.

Consequence: Having bad health.

16. Cancer

Why: There have been traces of cancer down the line in my family.

Consequence: Death, or an unhappy, unhealthy life.

17. Drowning

Why: Ever since I was young when people would get rowdy in the pool and hold me under water I would freak out because I would be afraid I would drown.

Consequence: Afraid of being in the water around those you don’t trust.

18. Cats

Why: Not only am I allergic to cats, but I was also attacked by one when I was little and I no longer like being around them.

Consequence: Many of my friends have cats and I hate being around them, and they get mad that I don’t like their cat.

19. Bees

Why: I have never been stung so I don’t know if I am allergic or not, which scares me even more.

Consequence: Worried to go outside in the spring

20. Going to jail

Why: Going to jail makes you look bad and makes people very judgemental and hesitant to be around you, depending on the offense. It also goes on your record and can deter you from getting a job.

Consequence: You may not get a job.


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