How Do You Respond To Stress?

24 Jan

Everybody responds to stress in different ways. When I get stressed out I do anything possible to get my mind off of it. Some people mope around and act miserable and affect the moods of those around them, but I do things that I know will make me happy and take the stress off my mind. Sometimes working out is the best stress reliever for me. I just pop my headphones in and go on a long run to just forget about everything that is going on at the time. Another thing I like to do is call my mom or brother. If I am super stressed out they know what to say and how to deal with it. Especially my brother because he is also currently in college and can relate to most of the problems that I encounter. I would say that I respond to stress in a pretty positive way, especially compared to others. I don’t feel the need to dwell on it because it just makes the stress much worse than it already is.


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