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A Photo Story

21 Feb

A Photo Story



Working On a Set Schedule

21 Feb

I’m not the type of person that likes to be on a set schedule and told when I need to do things, and when I need to have things done. I’m a very laid back, chill person and I like to be able to do things on my own time and at my own pace. Sure, provide me with a date that I need to have something completed by, but don’t tell me when I need to work on it. I’m also the type of person that does my best work under pressure, and when I know something is due very soon, I am more likely to work on it and put time into it. I am the typical procrastinator. No matter what, my work always gets done, even if it’s finished just minutes before it’s due. This is why, working on a set schedule isn’t necessarily for me. Sure, I like routine and everything’s easier once I get into a certain routine, but having things set in stone and having to do a specific thing at a specific time isn’t for me.

Spork Use

21 Feb

20 Different Things I could use a spork for:

1) Eating (Obviously)

2) Hair Comb

3) Shovel

4) Back Scratcher

5) Slingshot (or something to lauch items)

6) Use it as something to hold paint while painting (water colors)

7) Use it as a weapon to stab somebody

8) Bookmark

9) Poke things you may not want to touch

10) Hold objects

11) Hair accessory

12) Tongue scraper/cleaner

13) Make keychains with them

14) Make Christmas Tree ornaments with them

15) Use it to make music

16) Dissection tool

17) Rake

18) Window Scraper

19) Guitar pick

20) Pick Locks


12 Feb

One ad/slogan:

scorpion + US Postal Service

“U.S. Postal Service– Mail delivered faster than a poisonous scorpion sting”

AD: life size scorpion chasing the mailman (much like a dog would/taking the place of a dog) and it causes the mailman to hustle to deliver the mail

What Do You Require to Be Your Most Creative?

12 Feb

All of my life I haven’t been one to be known as “creative”. I’m not the type of person that can just come up with a great new idea right on the spot. In order for me to be my most creative it is best for me to be alone, but in an area where a lot is going on. The many different people and activities going on around me spark my creative side and allow me to come up with new ideas that I couldn’t just think of when put on the spot. I’m also the type of person that needs to just come up with something out of the blue. If somebody asks me to think of something creative or gives me a certain subject that I need to come up with a new idea for, I probably wont think of anything too interesting. So, in order to be my most creative I need to be alone, in a busy environment, with nobody pressuring me to be creative.


Creativity Diagram

5 Feb

Creativity Diagram