Writing to a Prompt: Dentist Chair

11 Mar

The dentist has always been a pretty boring and dissatisfying experience for everyone. Anything interesting could make the experience much more enjoyable for a person. Although you are very limited as to what you could do, one little thing could help immensely. One thing that you could do while sitting in the dentist chair is play the game “I Spy”. It is an easy game that can make time go by very quickly for all people around you. Another thing you could do to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone would be to download a book onto your ipod and play it outloud for you and your dentist to hear, so while getting your teeth cleaned, you can also listen to a good, interesting book. One last thing you could do to make your experience at the dentists office go quickly would be to bring a personal massuse. Although probably unrealistic, you could have the massuse massage the dentist and also you while getting your teeth cleaned.


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