Pushing My Comfort Zone #3

16 Apr

Event: Going to a foreign country (Greece)

What did you do: Going to a foreign country that speaks a completely different language than you do is hard and I had to learn to adapt to the language. After just a few days I learned the main phrases I needed to navigate around.

How did this break what you normally would have done: If it were America and others were just speaking another language around me, I wouldn’t try to understand what they were saying or communicate with them. I would just let it be and move on with my day, whereas in Greece, I had to learn the language to communicate and get around and do the things that I wanted to do.

What were the results of your behavior: It made me feel much more comfortable in the country, and the people were a lot more friendly and accepting, seeing that I was actually trying to learn the language instead of blowing it off.

How did it make you feel: It made me feel very good about myself, and accomplished that I learned how to navigate around a foreign country and learn the language as best that I could.


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