16 Apr

Sleep is one thing that I always look forward to, no matter what. I am the type that can literally sleep anywhere, anytime. There are a few instances where I have fallen asleep at places that nobody would ever expect. The first was when I was about 10. My dad got free tickets through work to OzzFest, an Ozzy Osborne concert, along with many other artists right up that alley. We sat in the second row, and once it got later in the evening, I fell asleep on one of the chairs. Not many would be capable of that. Another instance was when I was in Paris. I fell asleep both on the trolley that we were on for a tour, and at a restaurant. At both of these places, my cousin poured things into my house, such as salt and sugar. Everybody on the trolley was staring at me and laughing. Every time I go home for a weekend, all I do is sleep and there have been multiple times where my mom has asked me if I have mono or even if I am anemic. To go along with all of these stories here is a photo that perfectly describes me and the importance of sleep



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