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The Voice

23 Apr

Of all of the singing shows on TV, The Voice is definitely the best one out there today. It is the most entertaining and the judges do their best to keep it interesting. As a person who has always wished she could sing, I have been hooked on these types of shows for a while, and I have finally found one that always keeps me entertained and interested. I have also always been a huge fan of Shakira, Usher and Adam Levine, but the show has also made me love and appreciate Blake Shelton. They are a great cast and have a great time all while doing their best to discover new talents for the music industry. Definitely my favorite show on TV right now.



The Riv

23 Apr

The Riviera Cafe- The bar I have worked at since May 2012. I have had many ups and downs of working there and many times have thought about quitting, but the friendships I’ve made are undeniable. Many of the people that work there are now like my family adn although many things have changed since I first started, I am very glad that I found such a great place to work while attending college.


My Sorority

23 Apr


Kappa Kappa Gamma- The sorority that I have been a part of since I came to college my freshman year. Coming to Michigan State not knowing more than two people was hard at first, because obviously, I didn’t know anyone. Rushing a sorority was one of the smartest decisions I have made. I made my best girlfriends, and now even my roommates from being a part of Kappa. Although there are times I hate it and I think about dropping out, I do not regret joining for a second. Whenever I have negative thoughts about it, I think back to all of the great times I’ve had and all of the friends that I’ve met, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Food Fight Dodgeball

23 Apr

The game that we came up with for the field day, although it was cancelled.


– Food Fight Dodge ball consists of food products such as eggs, yogurt, pudding, or any food that causes a mess and doesn’t hurt someone when hit with. The bathroom product used in the game is garbage bags that you wear over your clothing so they don’t get dirty.

– The rules of the game are that there are two teams ranging from 4-8 players per team. Teams will be supplied different kitchen food products to throw at the other teams players. If a player is hit more than twice then he or she is out. Teams cannot throw foods from a specific distance, which will be shown at the time of the game.

– All you need to play the game is a garbage bag to cover your clothing, which will be provided by us, and the mindset that you’re about to have a lot of food thrown your way.

– The game will be scored by which team has more players remaining when the time runs out. The team with the most players remaining at the end will win the game. If it is tied after the time expires then there will be a one-on-one sudden death match between the two remaining players.


23 Apr

Gordie, named after Gordie Howe, is my 12 year old dog who still acts like a puppy. Ever since we first got him he has always been a little wacko and we ended up having to put him on prozac to calm him down. Although a little crazy and mean at times, he fits in our family perfectly, because that is the description of my family. Crazy Greeks with a mean side sometimes. We are also a huge hockey, redwing loving family, which is why we chose to name him after Gordie Howe. Although he is old for a dog, I expect him to live much longer than other dogs. I wouldn’t trade this crazy little animal for the world.



23 Apr

This is a video I saw for the first time while at work. I found it to be absolutely hilarious and I watch it all the time ever since. I am not a cat fan whatsoever, but this is hilariously clever.

Food for thought

23 Apr


This is actually very interesting and intriguing to me. I’ve seen this before, and it is something that has always stuck with me. There is both evil and good in the world, and you can be either, it just depends which one you choose to be.