23 Apr


I really like this quote because it is easily relate-able. There have been times in my life where I haven’t been the best at something, like every other person, which causes me to have to work much harder, especially when I’m up against those who are clearly better. However, there have been times where I have been successful against those who are better than me, because I put more work in, and they think they automatically have it in the bag.


My favorite candy wrapped up in my favorite desserts

22 Apr

Reese’s peanut butter cups. God’s gift to earth in the candy world. Here is one amazing sounding recipe I found while on “stumbleupon”



“Nice Guys Finish Last”

22 Apr

Ever heard the saying that nice guys finish last? Well here’s a little ode to them.



Life Without Timekeeping

22 Apr


I love food

22 Apr

This is self-explanatory. Arguably some of the most tempting foods I’ve ever laid my eyes on.


Little 500

22 Apr

Little 500: Historically known as a bike race taking place in Bloomington, Indiana. The race takes place on the track that surrounds the soccer field and each team (of four bikers) must complete 200 laps. Although that is the main reason for the funfilled weekend known as Little 5, it is also just an excuse for Indiana University students to party. Many artists come to perform for the students and the many visitors they may have staying with them for the weekend. Many IU students have bragged to me about how great this weekend really is, and I finally experienced it for myself this year. I must say, it wasn’t a let down. However, the actual bike race was won by the fraternity Beta Theta Pi. One team member in particular lives in my hometown and is, for the moment, the “talk of the town”.


^here is more information about the actual race itself as well as some pictures from race day.

Bipolar Weather

22 Apr

Weather in the midwest these days isn’t what you would call ideal. How does it go from being warm and sunny to a prediction of snow just a few days later? Just last year, it was nice out for the last month and a half of school, leaving many fun options for students when they didn’t have classes. This year the weather is just brutal, and I don’t really know if we will ever actually get out of this bipolar weather.